Birth of my 36 weeker baby story

It's better than it sounds, I promise!

Well my BP had been a problem since about 19 weeks, and it was being watched closely, and was being maintained very well, up until just this last week, also her fluid had been on the low side but still within a good range where it wasn't dangerously low. On Thursday, Nov 10th I started to get some bad headaches again and my BP was up, the NST showed very good movement and her heart was doing great, I had also had steroid shots to help mature her lungs in case an early delivery was warranted (Earlier than the planned Nov 30th delivery). So since the NST was good, we decided to have me rest the rest of the day and through the weekend until my next NST, I took some painkillers and tried to sleep it off. Unfortunately it just got worse by the next day, concerned, Michael called the doctor and they had me go into the hospital for another NST in the antepartum unit. He said well, we need to watch it through the weekend but you can go home, and if it's still a problem on Monday at the next NST, then you need to be admitted. Unfortunately, through the weekend it just got to be worse, and sure enough my BP was showing it. They called down to my doctor from the MFM clinic where I normally got my NST's and I was admitted.

Of course to the antepartum floor where they have ya rest on your side in an uncomfortable bed and prod ya all the time and take your BP and monitor the baby, that wasn't that pleasant, but he set our goal for friday or saturday for delivery and I felt that we could deal with that, I'd have Michael get the last few things we needed right away and we'd be good for having her home next week. The next day they wanted to check her lungs to see if she was ready (which of course with her cries now we definitely know she was), and the ultrasound showed a very small amount of fluid left. So the amnio was scrapped and my doctor was notified. Next thing we know, her delivery date was moved to that same day and I was calling Michael to come back to the hospital that she is being delivered today.

So the next few hours was getting prepped and ready for surgery, although not really being ready mentally, and trying to get a hold of out of contact family members. I know I cried and felt like this early delivery was my fault but just hoped and prayed that she'd be ok and not need much if any help at just being a baby. Due to my neurological condition, low fluid and BP a c-section had always been planned as my body wouldn't tolerate labor well, it also meant that I couldn't have any kind of spinal anesthetic and was completely out for the birth of my little girl. After the surgery was over, which felt like no time had passed for me, I got to be tortured in the recovery room, but I'm glad I don't remember much of it :) I finally got to meet her shortly after I got back to my room, and her uncle and his girlfriend were in the room also when I finally got to see her. (They closed their eyes so I could see her first).

I found it cute that Michael told me the first thing about her when I started asking is that she was healthy and very cute :) I kept joking with him that if she wasn't cute I'd blame him! It was nice that we were both allowed home on friday :)

Although it's been physically painful, the pain has very quickly gone away and just love, wonder, and caring for her has replaced it. I'm mostly just amazed that my body carried this little beauty and love looking at her and holding her.


She's here!!!

I'm holding her so this will be short...

Ashlin Elizabeth born 11-15-2005 @ 6:02pm, 5 lbs 12 oz, 19 inches long and very beautiful.

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Hey Guys,

I wanted to post just to let you guys know to keep Jennifer's (starsforophelia)  sister in your thoughts, she recently had her baby 3 months early and from the comment on my post below, she wasn't doing too well, high blood pressure and seizures.  This is a very serious condition during pregnancy and the only way to resolve it when it gets this bad is delivery.  So keep her sister and that little baby in your thoughts.

That's all.

PS - starsforophelia  is Jennifer, not her sister.



Baby shower/Health update

Hi all, the baby shower went really well, not exactly anything like a traditional baby shower, it was at night, there were lots of men their and we didn't open gifts, but the gifts that we got were amazing. People just go all out when there's a baby coming. :P (I loved pams skechers tissue paper) and of course the stuff inside as well, too cute. :P

Here's the pics.

Okay, now on another note.. I'm not doing too well, my blood pressure is up, headaches are here and not going away and I had to go to the hospital yesterday. I'm so confused, my blood pressure was so good on monday for it to go to crap just days after. :(

I had three NST's this past week and well, I haven't been feeling her move around as much but she's always fine when she's checked out. So here's the details, the ultrasound on thursday looked good, she's almost 6 lbs according to the ultrasound and still ahead in her height (which is expected, still, because of daddy). She's measuring on track but my blood pressure may halt the growth. My blood pressure didn't look so good on thursday and I was starting to get headaches again (headaches = bad blood pressure) and sure enough it was very up, 166/92 at one point, and the lowest the top number got was about 150, the bottom stayed in the 90's.

Michael called my doctor on friday and let them know that I was having headaches since the day before and that my blood pressure had been up. They wanted me to go into the hospital for an NST, so we went and my bp was all over the place, it just wasn't behaving at all, it'd be high then low then high again. My doctor said that if I could tolerate this weekend with bedrest except for eating and bathroom that I could go home otherwise I'm on the edge of needing to stay as vs going home. We decided that we could let me stay home one last weekend and I should be generally ok, they gave me some painkillers and I got to go home.

Now here's the tricky part, my blood pressure has to be good on monday or I have to go into the hospital until she is delivered, no exceptions. Ack, stuck in the hospital for over a week, it doesn't sound fun, plus missing Harry Potter (silly I know) with her possibly being born on that friday, seems way too soon huh? But in reality, by that time I'll be 36 1/2 weeks and with the steroid shots she hopefully will be ready to come out and breathe on her own. He said that if I'm doing better by the friday that we could hold off on delivery but my headaches just won't go away, it seems almost certain that I'll be in the hospital come monday.

So wish us luck, we might be having a baby sooner than we thought. (I was still hpoing for the 2 1/2 weeks though)


Still Pregnant!

Can't wait to meet her, Can't wait to meet her, Can't wait to meet her, Can't wait to meet her, Can't wait to meet her, Can't wait to meet her, Can't wait to meet her, Can't wait to meet her, (taking a breath), Can't wait to meet her, Can't wait to meet her, Can't wait to meet her, Can't wait to meet her, Can't wait to meet her, Can't wait to meet her, Can't wait to meet her, sigh!

I'll let her cook until 37 weeks ( 4 weeks from today!!!) Then baby, you're coming out.

She's already 4lbs 5 oz as of a week ago and very long! (Blame daddy) Sigh, I love him, I love her, I love my family. :)

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I think this is soooo true for me, hehehe.


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Had my appointment yesterday.. it was ok, the baby still looks good 1 lb 13 oz, she's mid-range for dates. (This means she's growing really good). There was a problem though, but it's not enough for them to say "Something is drastically wrong". The amniotic fluid is bodering on the low side, they checked their chart and I'm just barely in the normal range. What the doctor said is the best thing to treat this is lots of fluids, the 8-10 rule, which I've been getting, and more laying in bed on my side. I have a hard time doing that as I sit in the computer chair a lot.. so I'll have to change. They also took care of work for me, so I don't have to worry about it.

And now, here's a webpage that rates high on the cuteness factor.


Feeling better

Hey all, just wanted to update so you didn't think everything had gone to hell.. I still have my docs appointment on Wednesday, 9:30 or something close to it.. the Doctor's office called me so I'm not sure if it got changed or what have you. Still hoping that I have an ultrasound appointment for the 31st, besides I need to ask some questions anyways. I'm really anxious to see her again. Mostly, I feel okay when I'm not working, taking it easy, what have you. I can walk a little bit, but not too much, and make sure I keep the stress at a very minimal level. My blood pressure is well managed on the medication my protein is non-existant in my urine, yay (this means no pre-eclampsia). I mention this, as when I was admitted to the hospital the level was 186 for a 24 hour, 300 is warning and 400 is definitely pre-eclampsia. I have to put my feet up alot but the little one is well nestled inside of me and is kicking away constantly. I went to the hospital last week because michael got really insistent about a pain in my back and my doc wasn't in town that week, so I saw the on call doc and everything looked good, and I'm not in the danger zone at all for anything right now, they thought it was more a muscle strain and made me rest in bed for a little while with some apparently very good painkillers.. They even went as far as to check my cervix (owwwwwie, yes this hurts a good deal, nothing like childbirth though :) ) and it was nice long and closed. I didn't even spot afterwards as they had warned me about. My body is doing okay on the meds with this pregnancy and other than that, I just have to take things easy, stay cool and I'm good. One thing I must mention.. she loves to KICK, and I mean A LOT.. wow.. a real active one in here, hope she plays soccer or something fun :)

If she could just calm down and not wake me up in the morning and not keep me up past my bedtime, It'd be all good. I'm anxious to meet this little person, but I'll let her hang out as long as she wants, I'm in no rush to get her out. :)