Gen Eral (crims0n) wrote,
Gen Eral

Sorry guys

I'm sory I haven't posted, Ashlin is really cute but I've been really depressed lately.  My mom's husband died suddenly just before summer school started.  It was a stroke.  Why are people dying all around me?  I need to talk to someone about it and am seeing a counselor because I'm falling apart.  I'm losing my family and cannot take it.  Sometimes I want to join them because I've lost my will and strength to be one of those that's left behind.  I cry so much these days.  My soul hurts and I'm tired.  I'm about to finish school and do tons of great things yet the image that keeps popping into my head is how easy it would be to go.  Not by my own hand of course.  it's almost like some hand or willof impending doom feeling is holding over you and that something is coming. 

It will get better though, I know it will.  I pray and hope everyday for my family's health and things seem to be looking up.

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